Adidas Augmented Reality Campaign


In collaboration with Gate Reality, In Capital studios participated in the creation of the TOUR360 application for one of the world's largest sports shoe manufacturing companies: Adidas. The application has an AR app that allows the user to explore one of the most popular Adidas footwear from any perspective.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Adidas new shoes Augmented Reality Campaign.

An AR-powered app for Adidas shoe release.

Unleashing Innovation: Adidas inmersive Marketing experience

Elevating Brand Engagement: Adidas Inmersive experience Promotion

Elevate brand engagement with our groundbreaking Adidas AR project. Through our collaboration with Gate Reality, we have crafted the TOUR360 app, allowing customers to explore popular Adidas footwear from every perspective. Augmented reality technology creates an emotional connection, redefining brand-audience interaction for the future of marketing.

Continuing the Adidas AR Collaboration: A revolutionary brand experience, leveraging cutting-edge technology to engage and connect with customers. Redefining marketing standards, fostering loyalty, and reflecting Adidas’ commitment to innovation.

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