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Discover a world of immersive possibilities with IN Applications. As an expert AR developer studio, we specialize in cutting-edge technologies, we bring your visions to life through Augmented Reality (AR), Video Games, Mobile Apps, and Virtual Reality (VR). With over 70 successful projects, we excel in crafting captivating experiences that leave a lasting impact.

Augmented Reality (AR)

We are Expert AR developers. Unleash the potential of AR to engage and captivate your audience. From interactive campaigns to stunning visualizations, our AR expertise transforms reality into a canvas of innovation.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Leading VR Developers for Interactive Solutions. Step into the realm of VR with our immersive experiences and games. Our VR solutions transport users to new dimensions, creating unforgettable adventures.

Video Games

Top Video Game Developers for Engaging Content. Embark on epic journeys.
Our expertly crafted video games. Whether you need a complete game development solution or artistic and technical collaboration, our team delivers unparalleled gaming experiences.

AR Lenses Development

Expert AR developers

Welcome to your expert AR developers studio, IN Applications, your gateway to captivating brand experiences through Instagram Lenses. Our expert AR developer team specializes in creating immersive and interactive AR (Augmented Reality) lenses that leave a lasting impression on your audience.


AR instagram Lens

Instagram Lenses are dynamic AR effects users can add to their photos and videos. They respond to facial expressions and movements, creating engaging experiences. Brands use Lenses to captivate their audience, boost engagement, and tell compelling stories.


TikTok Effects

TikTok Effects are interactive and dynamic augmented reality (AR) effects that users can apply to their videos. They respond to facial expressions and body movements, allowing users to create engaging and entertaining content. Brands and creators use TikTok Effects to captivate their audience, boost engagement, and tell compelling stories through interactive and immersive experiences.


Snapchat lenses

Snapchat Lenses are interactive and dynamic augmented reality effects that work like magic on your audience. With these captivating filters, your brand can create immersive and memorable experiences that leave a lasting impact on your customers.

Expert AR developers

Mobile App Services:

Ios and Android development

Our mobile app development services are designed to help businesses and individuals create engaging, high-quality apps that meet their specific needs. Innovative App Developers for Mobile Solutions. Our mobile app services include: