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The Chapelwaite AR lens project was a creative endeavor aimed at promoting the launch of the TV series "Chapelwaite" through an engaging augmented reality experience on Instagram. Leveraging the power of AR technology, the filter transported users into the eerie and mysterious world of the show.

AR Lens

Engaging the Audience on Instagram

The Chapelwaite instagram AR lens Filter project

As developers specializing in augmented reality experiences, we understand the importance of meeting your audience where they are. Our Chapelwaite AR Filter is expertly designed for Instagram, ensuring seamless integration with one of the world’s most popular social media platforms. By tapping into Instagram’s massive user base, we extend the reach of your promotion and enable users to easily engage with the lens, share their experiences, and create viral moments that drive excitement for the series’ launch.

The Chapelwaite augmented reality project successfully combined the popularity of social media platforms like Instagram with the immersive capabilities of AR technology. It provided users with a memorable and shareable experience that enhanced their connection to the TV series, driving awareness and engagement leading up to its premiere.

Unlocking Brand Advocacy

Fostering Emotional Connections

With the Chapelwaite AR Filter, we seek to forge emotional connections between your audience and the TV series. By immersing users in the hauntingly creative journey of “Chapelwaite,” we evoke powerful emotions and foster a sense of curiosity, intrigue, and anticipation. This emotional bond translates into long-term brand loyalty, creating a dedicated fan base that eagerly awaits every update and development related to the show.

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